Measure Your Opportunity Mastery Skills in the Workplace

Take the quiz that will determine your Serendipity Quotient (SQ).
Your results represent your propensity for creating and sustaining opportunities in your work.
1. You take a new job and are ready to quit within three months. You conclude...
  Bad break Good lesson
  Bad decision I’ll do better next time
2. You’re pushing a critical deadline at a job you love and your boss delegates a menial but time-consuming task to you. You...
  Pile it on with rest and hope for the best Accept it on and then delegate it to someone else
  Try to reason your boss out of giving it to you Take a stand and refuse it
3. You’ve just landed a long-sought promotion after five years with a company when an industry competitor offers you a higher position with a significantly higher salary. You...
  Take the money and run Turn the offer down on the principle of loyalty
  Use the offer to build your case for more  
money with your current company
Entertain the offer and see what unfolds
The Serendipiter’s Quiz                Do You Trust Your Brand?
The following quiz is designed to help those with SQs (Serendipity Quotient, from The Workplace Serendipity Quiz) of 26 or higher determine whether their efforts to move to the next level of earning serendipity are hindered by core beliefs about success, failure, and good fortune.   We call this score your ASQ (Advanced Serendipity Quotient)
1. Do you believe in chance?
  Not at all Doesn't matter
  Somewhat Definitely
2. Can you control whether you are a fortunate or unfortunate person?
  Not at all Not sure
  Somewhat Definitely
3. How much do others influence your life experience?
  Not at all Very little
  That depends A lot
Earning Serendipity Ways From Glenn Llopis
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